walter chin, bsn, RN

Walter has led a number of studies related to diving and hyperbaric medicine. He has over 10 years of experience, managing critically ill patients in the chamber and overseeing the UCLA Hyperbaric Center as the Program Director. He travels frequently to Yucatán, where he works with Oswaldo and the local fishermen to reduce the fishermen's risk of having dive-related injuries and deaths. His current research focuses on building a decompression table for these fishermen's safe ascent from long and deep hours of diving.


oswaldo huchim, md, MSC, PHD

In 2008, Oswaldo began working with small fishing communities in the Yucatán to study the alarming frequency of decompression sickness among these fishermen. He has worked for over 8 years in coastal communities collecting data and implementing interventions on fishermen's risk perception, epidemiology, and diving behavior. He leads educational workshops with the fishermen to raise community awareness about dive-related health risks and how to manage them.

Oswaldo completed his residencies at the UCLA School of Public Health and Hyperbaric Medicine Program. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Universidad Marista de Mérida.


We would like to thank the following people who have been very important to achieving the goals of our various projects.

(in alphabetical order by institution & first name)


Julia Fraga, Miguel Cabrera, Silvia Salas

Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social

Juan Tec

Sociedad cooperativa rio lagartos

Roberth Marfil


Gregorio Cetina, Herberth Puga, Nina Mendez, Salvador Cordero

university of california, los angeles

Daniel Acevedo, Lushin Huey, Ellie Joo, Tracey Lee, Scott Ninokawa, Mokhshan Ramachandran, Susan Sprau

university of california, san diego

Dan Popa

University of washington

Hannah Bassett